Tahman Bradley

ABC News Digital Reporter

Tahman Bradley is an ABC News reporter based in Washington, DC. He currently serves as the early morning correspondent for ABC NewsOne, the network’s affiliate news service. Before his current position, Bradley performed a number of assignments for the News division. In addition to filing stories for broadcast, he has training to perform a host of other duties, including field producing, shooting and editing. Recently, he was part of ABC’s team covering President Obama’s White House.

Assigned to cover Michigan and neighboring states, as well as the auto industry, Bradley was one of the first digital journalists the network assigned to a domestic post. He covered the alleged attempt by the Christmas Day bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, to destroy Northwest Airlines flight 253 over Detroit, the arrest of Michigan’s Hutaree militia and the transformation of the U.S. auto industry, among many other stories. He also filed a series of in-depth reports on issues plaguing the city of Detroit. Bradley spent several months in the spring and summer of 2010 traveling along the Gulf Coast covering the devastating impact of the BP oil spill, and was part of the ABC team which was first to overnight and transmit pictures at night from the source of the oil spill.

Prior to his assignment as a domestic digital reporter, Bradley was an integral part of the ABC News team covering the 2008 campaign and election. He took lead reporting duties for the Political Unit’s coverage of campaign fundraising and political ads. He also spent time on the campaign trail, filling in as an embedded reporter covering Barack Obama and Rudy Giuliani. He covered the vice presidential debate and the three presidential debates, and also created and anchored a weekly show for ABCNews.com, “Sunday Sound.”

Bradley first joined the Political Unit in Washington as a field producer, covering the 2006 midterm election. He was a co-author of “The Note,” and reported on key U.S. House and Senate races. He was also part of the team producing the Politics Page for ABCNEWS.com.